Our family came to North Carolina in the early 1700's from York, Pennsylvania, and originally settled in what is now the Holly Grove area.  One son, David Myers, purchased several hundred acres (late 1700's - early 1800's) in what is now known as "Reeds".  





Following the practices of Joel Salatin, Wendell Berry, Gene Logsten, and most importantly, Thomas Jefferson - Crossings looks to produce healthy food while preserving the land it comes from. 

Crossings moto: "Bringing family, farming and community together" is more than something printed on a shirt.  We believe that farming and the act of working outside together is enjoyable and fulfilling, especially when friends and family come together.  The Crossings family is made up of many hands:  Ben and Jennifer, Mackenzie, Keaton and Salem all live and work the farm daily.  Raised on the family homeplace, all play an integral parts in the day to day operations of Crossings.  Seen not only feeding, watering, processing, you will can find them selling at the Lexington Farmers Market.  We are also  fortunate to have my two  "reluctant farmers" in our lives, my parents (Joyce & Foy), who (for the most part) go along with all of  our ideas and requests. Madison Berrier, a family friend, can also be seen helping with processing and at the market.

Everyone at Crossings is dedicated to provide the most healthy Honey, Pork and Chicken for the community, all the while, raising each in the most natural manner possible. We believe that a healthy farm can produce great products without chemicals, antibiotics or hormones, given the opportunity.

We hope that this dedication to our products can be experienced with every bite.   


Ben Rosecrans, Owner

Jennifer Rosecrans, Owner

Mackenzie, Keaton & Salem: Co-Owners