**If interested in a whole or half pig please contact us via email ( crossings@ptmc.net) and we will send you this form via-email.  Also, please check with us on availability so that we can let you know what we have and when.  Thank you,


Customer Name: ______________________________________________ 

Preferred Phone: ­­­­­­­­­­______________________________________________ 

To assist you in deciding how you would like your whole or half pig cut, please answer the following questions.  We will go over this by phone as well : 

Do you prefer a:                 whole   or    half   pig?

Sausage:  Normally you will only be able to pick one type of sausage d/t the fact that each type of sausage needs at least 50 pounds of meat for each type.  Odd pounds will might be sent back as ground pork . Choose one:

Mild Sausage                         Mild Extra Sage Hot                Hot Extra Sage                 Kielbasa  

Cajun                                      Hot Italian                             Mild Italian                            Sweet Italian

Zesty Italian                         Bratz                                         Garlic Bratz                          Chorizo

Maple                                    Andouille                                         

Prefer Sausage in:         Links                                  Pounds                                       Patties

Prefer any Ground Pork if optional?        Yes                            No                              All

Pork Chops:       (When choosing bone-in chops- please be aware that you will not receive Baby-Back ribs) 

Bone In                                    Bone-less                               Thickness:  ________________

The following cuts are available.  If you choose “No”, the cut will be ground for sausage

Boston Butt (Boneless):                                 Yes/No Wholeor             Half

Picnic Roasts (Bone in):                Yes/No Whole                     or             Half

Ham Steaks:                       Yes/No Thickness: _____________

 Ribs:                        Yes/No                   Whole         or                         Sliced                                 

                                    Spare Ribs                              and/or                    Baby Back Ribs 

Pork Belly:  If you want these sliced and individual packaged- there is an extra charge of $2/ pound for amount sliced                  

 Yes/No Whole                     or             Blocked into Thirds       

 Sliced:   All            or             Partial                     Pounds per package: _____________


Other cuts: Other cuts that you will receive:  Fat Back,  Leaf Lard, Neck Bones, Liver

 **Quantity and size of cuts may vary depending on size of hog at time of processing **


Signature:  _____________________________________________________    Date:  _____________________________