Crossings' No Campfire Foil Packs - Ground Beef

I loved the days of Keaton's Cub Scout Campout and completely miss sitting around the fire waiting for foil packs to be done.  We have continued this tradition not only when we camp out, but often we will start a fire here at the farm and gleefully put a whole variety of veggies, meats and seasonings into heavy duty aluminum foil.  Occasionally the rain gets the better of us and "foils" our Foil Pack experiences.  When this happens we hunker down in the kitchen and improvise using our handy dandy AGA (oven).  This is a SUPER EASY recipe that is perfect for anyone skill level. Believe me- If I can make this - so can you !!


The ingredients can actually fluctuate so if your missing something- don't stress.  One casserole dish as seen above will easily feed 5-6 people.  If there is something that you love- like Salem loves Carrots- then just had more of those !

2 pounds Crossings All Grass Fed Ground Beef

2 Onions

1 -2 Red Peppers

1+ Cups of sliced Carrots

3 -4 Red Potatoes (or what ever kind of Potato you might have).  

2 Tablespoons of Garlic Salt

1/2 cup of butter (sliced and placed around the meat and veggies)

Add Salt, Pepper and any other seasonings you might like.  

Cover with Tin Foil and in a hot oven (425) for approx. 40 min.  Every oven cooks a little differently so check on it after about 30 min. Its ready to go when the potatoes are tender and the ground beef is no longer pink !!

Enjoy !!